UN-locking the countries of the world

Children at Skt Josef’s International School taking part in week-long initiative to learn more about their global environment

Skt Josef’s International School in Roskilde will host a UN international information week from November 2, culminating in an open day for the public on Saturday November 7.

Children will choose a country they wish to learn more about during the week leading up to the big event and decorate their classrooms with pictures and informative posters.

Students will also prepare presentations about their chosen countries, and perform dance pieces and other performances for the open day.

Meanwhile, senior students will be involved in the overall organisation of the UN week and help arrange fundraising projects such as raffles, a tombola, book sales and an auction to raise money for a charity.

Improving kids’ lives
This year Skt Josef’s has decided to support the non-profit organisation Reach for Change, which aims to improve children’s lives through innovation.

Reach for Change finds exceptional social entrepreneurs, ‘Change Leaders’, who wish to create a better world for children and then helps them realise their ideas through an incubator program.

The organisation launched in 2010 in Sweden and now has a presence in 15 countries on three continents.

Skt Josef’s International School in Roskilde was established in 1904 as an independent Catholic school.

Today, the school has more than 800 pupils divided into 34 Danish and international classes.

The international department is based on the Cambridge international examination program and is open to children aged 5 to 16.