Aarhus Academy recruits architect for campus

Aarhus Academy for Global Education (AAGE) has selected CEBRA, a Danish architecture and design practice, to design the extension and refurbishment of the school’s new city campus on Dalgas Avenue.

On September 26, Crown Princess Mary and other dignitaries visited AAGE and officially inaugurated the new campus that was purchased thanks to a generous donation from the Salling Foundation and other donors.

Will include preschool
The new building, with access to the nearby sports facilities at Ingerslevs Boulevard, is able to accommodate up to 500 students and has space for the AAGE preschool that used to be located about 5 km from the city centre.

AAGE is an English-speaking school and kindergarten for children aged 3 to 16. It opened in August 2011 and currently has about 200 pupils representing 36 different nationalities.

The school offers the International Baccalaureate Programme and expects to be IB-certified this autumn.