Give Yourself a Chance: Ideas to gain confidence and improve your self-esteem

Recently, over dinner with my wife, we were talking about the process of finding our true purpose in our working life.

When talking to people, and digging a little deeper than the usual small talk, I have noticed that many have no idea about their purpose in life.

Clarity about goals
The upside of investing time in finding purpose in your life is having clarity about your goals and values. The actions you take on a daily basis start making a lot more sense.

I believe that people with a strong sense of purpose will thrive – simply because they have a north that won’t easily change due to external factors, i.e contrary opinion of friends, family pressure etc.

Asking myself (and friends) where they’d notice me making a difference, and finding out what my real talents are, have been crucial to defining my work and purpose in life.

No action = no progress
American self-help author Tony Robbins says that whenever you take an action you create an emotion.

In this sense, when you don’t take actions, you will lack progress, and a lack of progress diminishes your emotions and ultimately means you end up having a dull and meaningless life.

Finding answers
Finding your mission, purpose and values isn’t an easy task. And nobody, except yourself, can help you in doing so.

The best way to get started is by giving yourself a small goal, i.e asking yourself what your core values are and listing them. That is an action.

So, what kind of action are you taking today that will enable you to build a better tomorrow for yourself and the society you live in?