Late-October Music: Sweden’s Bob Dylan


The Tallest Man on Earth
Tue Oct 27, 20:00, Vega; 300kr 

No, he isn’t really the tallest man on Earth, but he has been compared to giants: Bob Dylan for his songwriting and vocal style.

And now you can test this comparison by attending both artists’ converts, as Dylan is also playing this month.

Often referred to as the man of the nine guitars, Sweden’s Kristian Matsson sings folk ballads that take uf from happiness to sadness to despair.

Expect charisma and hyperactivity on stage (at Roskilde we witnessed this first-hand!) and judge for yourself whether Matsson is doing a better job at contemporising Dylan than himself.

Of Monsters & Men
Sat Oct 31, 280kr; Vega; 300kr

Addictive melodies, smooth vocals and indie-folk bite come to Vega in the shape of classy Icelandic quintet Of Monsters and Men. Expect Mumford-esque upbeat singalong tunes with menacing touches. Added bonus: Mammut are in support. (JM)

(photo: Official Charts Company Rob Copsey)
(photo: Official Charts Company Rob Copsey)