Vast majority of traffic accidents at night are alcohol-related

Accident commission calls for an increased police presence and Alcolocks for habitual offenders

Two out of every three night-time traffic-related accidents in Denmark are alcohol-related, according to a new report from the road accident commission Havarikommissionen for Vejtrafikulykker (HFV).

Previous reports showed that about one fifth of the night-time accidents were alcohol-related, so HFV has recommended increased police controls on rural roads at night and the requirement for convicted drink drivers to have an Alcolock installed in their vehicles.

“The analysis showed that accidents that occur at night have some unique characteristics,” said Mette Fynbo, the head of HFV. “The road users’ behaviour is heavily influenced by their social lives being most active at night-time.”

“High blood-alcohol percentages play a larger role in accidents compared to what the commission has seen previously.”

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Most are men
The report (here in Danish) revealed that a large proportion of the accidents were solo accidents involving men aged 18-50, who were travelling to or from a social event that included the intake of alcohol.

They usually crashed while negotiating a bend in the road at high speed while under the heavy influence of alcohol and/or drugs.

Despite considerably less traffic on the Danish roads at night, every fifth fatal traffic accident takes place at night.