All lit up but no place to go

Hard times for smokers in Randers

Starting from January 1 next year, smoking will be completely banned for all municipal workers in Randers.

“The major change is that municipal employees can no longer take smoke breaks,” Lene Jensen, the head of health services at Randers Municipality, told Randers Amtsavis. “It will be very hard to smoke during working hours.”

The new rules are part of a health policy that Jensen and other officials hope will reduce the number of smokers in Randers to just five percent of residents in 10 years.

When is a law not a law
If approved by the municipal council, the smoking ban will extend to public parks, playgrounds and courtyards around municipal buildings in Randers.

“There will be signs posted in parks asking people not to smoke,” said Jensen. “There are no consequences. It should be construed as a recommendation.”

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Jensen said the municipality will also offer a wide range of services for employees and citizens who want to quit smoking.