Police launch nationwide campaign to catch speeders

Speed was a factor in over half of fatal accidents in 2013

If you like to push the pedal to the metal when zipping to work in the morning, there may be yet another reason why you might want to consider easing off the throttle a bit.

The police have launched a nationwide campaign this week in order to catch drivers who are a little too generous with their speeds on the roads and motorways in Denmark.

The campaign, which began yesterday and is scheduled to last until Sunday  November 1, aims to curb the nation’s apparent penchant for pace on the roads.

“Despite the number of serious traffic accidents continuing to fall in Denmark, there are still too many drivers who drive too fast and therefore expose themselves and others to a greater risk of accident,” the police said.

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Speed kills
According to the police, speed remains the most frequent reason for fatal traffic accidents and traffic accidents leading to serious injuries. In over half of the fatal traffic accidents in 2013, the driver was speeding.

The problem is particularly prevalent on rural roads where about 60 percent of Danes drive over the allowed limit.