Denmark still has Europe’s best business climate

Danes ranked their globally behind Singapore and New Zealand

Denmark is the top country in Europe to do business in, according to the new World Bank publication Doing Business 2016: Measuring Regulatory Quality and Efficiency (here in English).

The Doing Business Index, which was published yesterday, ranked Denmark third in the world, behind Singapore and New Zealand, and one spot up from last year’s index.

“It’s important for our reputation that Denmark has been ranked as one of the best nations in the world to start and run a business in,” said the foreign minister, Kristian Jensen. “It sends a positive signal to foreign investors.”

“The government will utilise that to attract even more companies to establish themselves in Denmark, which will boost growth and employment.”

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Praise for Africa
Jensen also pointed to other positive developments on the list. Out of the ten countries moving furthest up the rankings, five are from sub-Saharan Africa.

The index had South Korea and Hong Kong completing the top five, while the UK, the US, and the Nordic trio of Sweden, Norway and Finland rounded up the top ten.

Other notables included Australia (13), Canada (14), Germany (15), France (27), Japan (34), Russia (51), South Africa (73), China (84) and Brazil (116).