Demonstration to shut down central Copenhagen today

Thousands hitting the streets to protest government’s education cuts

If you’re thinking about taking your car to work in the city centre today, you might want to reconsider. It might be a bit difficult getting home.

Some 13,000 have signed up on Facebook to attend a demonstration at the city square from 16:00-18:00 and the police are urging citizens planning to enter the city centre from 14:00-20:30 to leave the car at home.

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Police warning
The huge demonstration, which is against proposed government budget cuts in education, is expected to create traffic chaos.

“Parts of the city centre will be impassable by car on Thursday from 14:30-20:00 due to demonstrations. Public transport should be considered instead,” the police wrote on Twitter.

The government has proposed to cut upwards of 8.7 billion kroner from the education sector over the next four years.

See the demonstration’s Facebook page here (in Danish).