Government presents new social funds agreement

Christian Wenande
October 28th, 2015

This article is more than 8 years old.

Vulnerable children, homeless and young substance abusers among the beneficiaries

Social Minister Karen Ellemann (seated at front) is gearing up for more funds (photo: Johannes Jansson)

The social and internal affairs minister, Karen Ellemann, has revealed that the government has agreed to a new social funds agreement for 2016 worth 607 million kroner.

The agreement focuses on issues such as preventative measures for vulnerable children and young people, strengthening efforts for the homeless, treatment for young drug abusers and integrating newly-arrived refugees.

“The reserve fund can be viewed as a catalyst for how the about 44 billion kroner the municipalities spend on the area can be better used to generate results for those needing help – namely the most vulnerable.” said Ellemann.

“The fund will focus on initiatives that we know work and that create positive changes for the weakest citizens in society.”

The agreement (here in Danish) was agreed upon in co-operation with Socialdemokraterne, Dansk Folkeparti, Liberal Alliance, Alternativet, Radikale, Socialistisk Folkeparti and Konservative.


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