Man photographed spitting on refugees charged with racism

Viral image leads to charges

A man photographed spitting on a group of refugees as they passed under a motorway bridge near Rødby, the port on the southern tip of Lolland where thousands have been steadily pouring in since September 6,  has been charged with violating racism and violence statutes.

Even though photographs published by the newspaper Information of the man seemingly spitting on the refugees went viral, the man continues to deny the charges, saying that he was just looking down.

Unusual case
“We have investigated the incident based on the photograph and we have interviewed people who were standing close by and found that there is basis for the charges,” police spokesperson Kim Kliver told DR Nyheder.

“We don’t normally publicise charges, but this case has received a lot of attention and there is an erroneous perception that the police are not doing anything about it,” said Kliver.

Police expect to complete their investigation in 14 days.