Volunteer to be a part of the Danish tribe!

international House Copenhagen has all the answers at its fair next week

They say that Denmark’s a tribe where everyone looks out for one another – but it can sometimes be difficult for new arrivals in the country to feel included.

However, help is at hand from International House Copenhagen, which is bridging the gap between internationals and their local communities by making it easier to find volunteering opportunities

Looking to volunteer?
“People have come to us for years looking for places to volunteer that don’t require Danish-language skills,” Jonas Kongstad Østergård from International House told the Copenhagen Post.

“They want to donate their time, but have never before been able to figure out how to do that. That’s why we put our heads together and came up with the Volunteer Fair in 2013.

The event, which aims to match internationals looking to volunteer with companies interested in volunteers, will be held on Tuesday November 3 this year, from 17:00-20:00, at the International House premises on Gyldenløvesagade.

Big numbers
This year’s event, which is the largest ever with 230 people already signed up, will also feature 25 of the biggest volunteer organisations in Denmark. Everyone from the Red Cross to the Danish AIDS foundation will be attending, and there will be plenty of places to approach.

The organisations will be at hand with brochures and representatives, and participants are encouraged to approach the ones they’re interested in volunteering for. Matches are expected (and encouraged) to be made on the day.

So if you’re interested in helping your local community while also spicing up your CV and making new contacts, sign up at ihcph.dk