Danes more relaxed about refugee influx

Just 34 percent think too many refugees have been taken in

More and more Danes believe the number of refugees being granted asylum in Denmark is not too high, according to a new Megafon survey.

In June 2015, 44 percent of Danes thought there were too many refugees being granted asylum in Denmark, but that has now dropped to 34 percent.

Furthermore, the share of Danes who think the number of refugees being granted asylum is adequate or even too low has shot up from 48 percent in June to 61 percent this month.

And as many as 20 percent thought Denmark should take in even more refugees.

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More approved
According to the immigration services, Udlændingestyrelsen, 87 percent of applicants in 2015 so far have been granted asylum – an increase of 13 percent compared to last year.

So far in 2015, some 10,000 people have applied for asylum in Denmark.

Neighbouring Sweden, meanwhile, expects to take in 100,000 asylum-seekers by the end of the year.