Danish special forces heading to Mali

Foreign Policy Committee is still discussing UN request

The government has decided to send a team of special forces to take part in the United Nations-led MINUSMA peacekeeping mission in Mali. Denmark will also contribute a Hercules transport plane to the ongoing efforts to help stabilise the war-torn African nation.

The news comes on the heels of the UN requesting that Denmark send 250 soldiers and about 30 armoured trucks to Mali as part of a battle-ready supply unit.

Ahead of the meeting at the Foreign Policy Committee meeting today, it was reported that a political majority backed UN’s request, although it is yet to be revealed to what extent.

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DF and K reserved
The special forces team to be deployed consists of 20 men, and is a considerably smaller contribution than the UN has called for.

Only Dansk Folkeparti and Konservative were against sending Danish troops to Mali.