Government unveils Danish coastal projects

Massive water parks, hotels, wellness centres and beach hotspots all part of the mix

The business and growth minister, Troels Lund Poulsen, and the environment and food minister, Eva Kjer Hansen, have today presented ten projects that have been approved as part of new plans for coastal development in Denmark.

The ten projects (the report is here in Danish), which include water parks, resorts and a safari park, aims to strengthen growth in the tourism sector in the coastal areas of Denmark.

“These are ten projects that will help attract more tourists to the Danish coasts and generate growth and jobs locally,” said Poulsen.

“They are high quality projects that will require a total investment of 4 billion kroner.”

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Pending local approval
In total, there were 20 projects on the table for the government to consider. All of them lived up to the government’s criteria concerning the development of coast and nature tourism.

The next step for the ten chosen projects will be a planning phase. They will all need to be approved by the municipalities where they are located.

The coastal development comes in spite of over 120,000 Danes having signed a petition organised by the nature conservation organisation Danmarks Naturfredningsforening (DN) that aims to prevent the government from developing the free Danish coastline.