Early-November Music: In the UK, they have Guy Fawkes; in Denmark, we’ve got Keith Flint

The Prodigy

Thu Nov 5, 20:00; TAP 1, Carlsberg, Cph V; 430kr

The iconic group The Prodigy, one of the world’s most important electronic bands, are back in Copenhagen for yet another spectacular show.
During their last visit two years ago, they sold out the Christiania Grey Hall in the blink of an eye, and no doubt they will pull it off again this time around, so don’t leave it too late to get your tickets: make like a firestarter!

Following huge acclaim for their new album The Day Is My Enemy, expect a performance of energy, electronic wildness, hypnotic lights and timeless classics such as ‘Charly’, ‘Out of Space’ and ‘Firestarter’. They’ll take your brain to another dimension! (LAB)

Heather Nova

Mon Nov 2, 20:00; Koncerthuset, Studie 2, Ørestads Boulevard 13, Cph S; 285kr

(Photo by Heather Nova Copyright)
(Photo by Heather Nova Copyright)

Nova is a 48-year-old Bermudian singer-songwriter and poet with nine albums to her name. With a style that mixes elements of indie pop and alternative rock, her songs are well worth a listen. (SR)

Cat Power

Tue Nov 3, 20:00; Koncerthuset, Studie 2, Cph S; 405kr

(Photo by Cesar Pedromo)
(Photo by Cesar Pedromo)

In this solo performance, expect to see Chan Marshall naked. Or at least figuratively speaking, as she will stun you with just a guitar, her amazing voice and a piano. There’s no need for any extras when your songs are as good as ‘Sea of Love’. (EN)

Lurrie Bell + Copenhagen Slim

Thu Nov 5; 19:00; Mojo, Løngangstræde 21, Cph K; 130kr

(Photo by Kasra Ganjavi)
(Photo by Kasra Ganjavi)

Copenhagen Slim, who played the Copenhagen Blues Festival earlier this year, is returning with Chicago bluesman Lurrie Bell, ten years after they first played together at the legendary Kingston Mines. (JM)