Danish delegation eyeing sustainable future in South Africa

Water tech solutions from Denmark could alleviate water crisis in the African nation

A Danish delegation – including the environment and food minister, Eva Kjer Hansen, Crown Prince Frederik and the business and growth minister, Troels Lund Poulsen – is in South Africa this week looking to capitalise on the nation’s sustainable ambitions.

South Africa is ready to invest 300 billion kroner in water tech and solutions over the next decade, and the Danish delegation – which also includes 50 companies – is looking to boost the export of sustainable solutions.

“South Africa risks enduring a water crisis that could impact on its growth and food supply if no investment is made in the water sector,” said Hansen.

“They’ve decided to invest 300 billion kroner over the next ten years. Denmark has some of the world’s most advanced companies, and they can deliver the required technology to prevent water waste, recycling and much more.”

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Water struggles
Denmark has more than doubled its export of water technology to South Africa over the past ten years, and last year the efforts yielded more than 100 million kroner in exports.

South Africa is struggling with limited water resources, obsolete and inadequate infrastructure and considerable water wastage.

Some 37 percent of water in the public pipes is lost before it reaches the customer.