Danish train passenger has a night to remember … or most likely forget

Woman falls asleep and misses her station … by a lot

A 44-year-old woman got on a train at Copenhagen Airport intending to get out at the capital’s Main Station early yesterday evening – a two or three stop-journey for most passengers.

But unfortunately for the lady in question, when she was woken up, she discovered it was in a different language – or at least it appeared that way until she realised she was in Jutland.

She had ended up in Fredericia, 216 km further on from the capital.

“She fell asleep and wound up in Fredericia, where we picked her up,” local police in the Jutland town told Fredericia Lokalavisen.

Police said the woman was too drunk to send back to Copenhagen, so they drove her to Vejle where she slept it off in detention.

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Posters to the Fredericia Dagblads Facebook page range from those who found the women’s unintended trip amusing, to those who blame personnel cutbacks on trains for the woman not being woken up before she found herself in the wrong part of the country.