Minister: ‘Nomad doctors’ should automatically lose their authorisation

New bill would prevent doctors from practising in other Nordic countries if they lose their certification in any country

Sophie Løhde, the health minister, has submitted legislation that would bring an end to the practice of ‘nomad doctors’ – those who have lost their certification in one Nordic country, but who then travel to other countries in the region and practise without the authorities being able intervene.

Løhde’s bill would automatically remove a doctor’s authorisation to practise in all of the Nordic countries as soon as they lose their authorisation in any Nordic country.

“Over the years, there have unfortunately been a number of unfortunate cases in which doctors who have repeatedly committed errors abroad come to Denmark and begin to work in healthcare, even though they can no longer work as doctors in, for example, Sweden or Norway,” Løhde told DR Nyheder.

Paper tiger
Løhde is hoping to find traction in Parliament for a change to the rules.

The oversight of doctors is currently carried out by patient safety agency Styrelsen for Patientsikkerhed, but the agency has no power to take action against doctors and health professionals not working in Denmark.