11 arrested in major cannabis trafficking case

The accused are mostly bikers and gang members connected to the cannabis trade in Christiania

Ten men and one woman, who stand accused of being part of an organised drug trafficking ring that smuggled and sold up to 900 kg of cannabis, were today remanded in custody at a city court in Copenhagen.

One of the suspects has also been charged with possession of a semi-automatic pistol and ammunition.

Ten of the suspects have pleaded not guilty, while one has admitted to having 18 kilos of cannabis in his possession and violating the Arms Act.

Closed doors
Today’s hearing was held behind closed doors and the names of the accused have been withheld.

However, police said that members of the Hells Angels and the gang No Surrender are among those arrested.

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The arrests are the result of the actions of a special police gang unit, Task Force Øst, which hit 35 sites in the metropolitan area on Tuesday, seizing half a million kroner, 35 kg of cannabis and a gun with ammunition.