Royal Danish Theatre facing significant budget cut

Christian Wenande
November 4th, 2015

This article is more than 8 years old.

Theatre to save 35 million kroner from its budget over the next four years

Cut part of government’s culture slash (photo: Axel Kuhlmann)

The culture minister, Bertel Haarder, has revealed that the nation’s largest and most prominent theatre, the Royal Danish Theatre, will have to slash 35 million kroner from its budget from 2016-19.

The move comes as part of the government’s plans to cut about 600 million kroner from the nation’s theatres, museums, art schools and other state-owned culture institutions.

“The Royal Danish Theatre is all of Denmark’s theatre,” said Haarder. “It’s expensive, but lovely. The deal stresses the trust we have in the continuing ability of the theatre’s leadership to deliver art of a high quality and variation.”

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Nationwide presence
Parliament signed off on the agreement thanks to support from the Venstre government and opposition parties Socialdemokraterne, Alternativet, Radikale and Socialistisk Folkeparti.

The new deal also stipulates that the Royal Danish Theatre must co-operate more with other theatres nationwide – in terms of joint productions and guest performances.


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