Denmark should build temporary refugee villages like in the ’90s believes Red Cross

This solution could help overwhelmed municipalities accommodate hundreds of incoming refugees

Danish municipalities are having difficulties finding affordable housing for refugees and asylum-seekers flocking to the country, reports DR.

To solve the problem, Anders Ladekarl, the secretary general of the Danish Red Cross, has proposed the municipalities build temporary refugee villages like in the 1990s when many people sought asylum in Denmark during the Yugoslav Wars.

Worked well in Tjæreborg and Løgumkloster
Tjæreborg and Løgumkloster Municipalities had a positive experience with this type of temporary housing, which was assembled by Danish construction company Højgaard & Schultz, explained Ladekarl.

“Those who lived in the villages eventually found accommodation through the housing market on their way to being integrated into Danish society, so there is no reason to fear the housing would turn into permanent villages,” Ladekarl told DR.

When the Yugoslav refugees moved out of the temporary housing, Tjæreborg and Løgumkloster were able to turn them into a kindergarten and a boarding school respectively.