Denmark stepping up efforts against radicalisation in prison

Justice Ministry lodging two new proposals next month

The justice minister, Søren Pind, has announced the government will step up efforts to curb radicalisation of Danish prisoners.

The Justice Ministry has sent two proposals to be processed: one that isolates radicalised prisoners away from the general prison population, and another that strengthens the exchange of information between the authorities.

“Individuals with radicalised convictions are a clear threat to our security,” said Pind. “It’s completely unacceptable that inmates recruit their fellow prisoners for extremist environments when serving their sentences.”

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Terror attack ramifications
Pind said he would officially put forward the two proposals for parliamentary consideration sometime next month.

The previous Helle Thorning-Schmidt government decided in the aftermath of the Copenhagen terror attack in February to re-evaluate the efforts tackling radicalisation in prisons.

A report from the Justice Ministry in July revealed a significant increase in reports of radicalised prisoners this year. Another report earlier this year showed that one fifth of Danish jihadists had been to prison.