Loads more counterfeit money fluttering about in Denmark

Number of cases has doubled since 2012

The number of cases involving counterfeit money has sky-rocketed in recent years, according to newly-released police figures.

The police registered 1,046 cases in 2013 and 848 cases last year – about double the 400-500 cases that were lodged annually leading up to 2012.

“The rise in the number of reports concerning fake money is primarily down to the actions of a smaller group of perpetrators,” Connie Westergaard, a communications advisor with the police, told Metroxpress newspaper.

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Mostly big bills
Westergaard said the number of reports is expected to remain high for 2015.

Because of the spike, a number of shops, including all shops under the Coop supermarket chain umbrella and 7 Eleven, have stepped up their efforts to check cash coming through.

It’s particularly 500 kroner and 1,000 kroner bills that are being counterfeited.