No refunds on flight cancellations to Sharm el-Sheikh

If you’ve already bought your ticket to travel to Sharm el-Sheikh, but are thinking of cancelling due to recent events, you may not be entitled to a refund on your ticket money.

This is despite the fact that SAS recently announced that all their flights to the region were cancelled until further notice.

SAS cancels all flights 
Following official travel warnings issued by Britain, France, Ireland and Holland, SAS has become the first Danish airline to cancel all flights to the region, despite no official statement from Danish authorities warning against travelling.

 Some of those cancelled SAS services will now be flown by DAT or Primera Air.

No refunds 

Some Danish travel companies have announced that they will not offer refunds before an official announcement has been made by the relevant Danish authorities.

Pernille Ammitzbøll, from Atlantis Rejser, which offers package tours to Sharm el-Sheikh and has found alternatives to cancelled SAS flights, told TV2 that rules for the cancellations of flights have not changed.

“As long as there is no official announcement from the concerned Danish authorities, the normal rules regarding cancellation of tickets still apply,” she said.

However, Apollo Travels, which also offers packages and was unable to find alternative flights, has contacted the 35 Danes scheduled to fly out and offered them all refunds.