Dane confessed to creating online network for paedophiles

He is also accused of having molested four children in Randers

A 48-year-old Dane from Randers has admitted to creating an online network for child pornography together with an Australian and a Dutchman, reports DR.

In 2011, the three men started a website called ‘Hoarders Hell’ aimed at especially dedicated paedophiles and diligent producers of child pornography.

Last summer, the 35-year-old Australian co-founder of the network received a historically severe punishment of 35 years in prison.

According to the judge, he was the top administrator of the world’s supposedly largest paedophile website ‘The Love Zone’, to which the man from Randers also contributed.

Molested four children
Members of ‘Hoarders Hell’ were required to submit new and rare child pornography at least every two weeks.

Approximately 18,000 users tried to access the site, but not all of them fulfilled the requirements.

In addition to creating the paedophile network, the Dane is also accused of having molested four children in Randers between 2008-2009.