Government sets aside funds for fishing and aquaculture

24 million kroner in funds aim to boost jobs and export

The environment and food minister Eva Kjer Hansen has announced that the government will set aside 24 million kroner for projects aimed at generating growth and knowledge in the fishing and aquaculture sector.

The funds are expected to help the sector gain a foothold in markets around the world, while developing new technology for the use of dam building.

“We have an innovative aquaculture sector in Denmark and Danish fish is known for its quality at home and abroad,” said Hansen. “But if the sector is to grow and create jobs, it’s important for us to continue to develop.”

“We must lead the way, in terms of new techniques and technology in aquaculture, but also in the search for new global markets for Danish fish.”

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This week, the Environment and Food Ministry will open up applications regarding grants for two initiatives.

One consists of 14 million kroner for innovation in the aquaculture sector and the other is 10.4 million kroner for marketing support for fishing and aquaculture products for export and sale in Denmark.

The funds for the two initiatives stem from efforts such as the EU Maritime and Fisheries Fund, and come as part of a political agreement made in November 2014.