China buying more Danish meat that ever before

Environment and food minister leading export delegation this week

Despite Danish exports to China having somewhat stagnated recently, the world’s most populated nation is buying meat from Denmark like never before.

The environment and food minister, Eva Kjer Hansen, is looking to capitalise on that trend by heading a Danish export delegation aiming to promote further exports of food and green tech in China and Vietnam this week.

“Denmark and China have traditionally enjoyed strong diplomatic bonds, which we have a mutual interest to maintain,” said Hansen. “China is the big engine for exports of Danish food products outside of the EU.”

“The growing middle class is willing to pay 50 kroner for a kilo of chicken feet or a litre of organic milk, and the demand for good food products is increasing. But there are still barriers we need to unlock so that Danish companies can sell more sausages, poultry and organic food to the 1.3 billion Chinese.”

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2 billion and counting
New export figures revealed that the export of Danish meat to China exceeded 2 billion kroner between July 2014 and June 2015 – a 9 percent increase compared to the year before.

Hansen is scheduled to open one of the world’s largest food product conventions in Shanghai, before travelling to Beijing to meet with six Chinese ministers (food safety, exports and imports, environment, water, forest, and agriculture).

The minister will also focus on increasing Danish exports of water technology and is scheduled to meet with the water authority in Shanghai, which supplies water to some 24 million Chinese people.