Young Danes increasingly operating in the second-hand goods market

Selling their old, used stuff to earn money and, in some cases, to save the environment

More than 50 percent of Danes aged 18-34 have over the past three months put their old, used things up for sale online, at a flea market or via a newspaper ad, according to a survey carried out by YouGov for DBA, Denmark’s largest online platform for second-hand sales.

For the majority, 66 percent, it is a way to earn money so they can buy new things, while 51 percent sell their used items because they are still in good shape and shouldn’t just be thrown out.

Some 29 percent of the 1,507 respondents sell their things in second-hand sales to save the environment.

More unique and environmentally-friendly
Klaus Skytte, an expert on shared economy and the author of the book ‘Skal vi dele?’ (‘Shall we share?’), believes this trend will only continue to grow as young people don’t have the disposable income to constantly buy the latest model of smartphone or expensive clothes.

Some 77 percent of the respondents admitted they shop second-hand to save money, while 25 percent consider it more environmentally-friendly.

Meanwhile, 22 percent of those interviewed believe used items are more unique and have a history.