Public officials report higher earnings than the PM

Public officials revealed by Metroxpress to be earning more than the PM

If you’re a minister of state in Denmark, you may want to consider becoming a public official instead.

In news that has been described as “totally crazy”, a new survey reported by Metroxpress has revealed that 14 top public officials across Denmark’s five regions earn more than Denmark’s Prime Minister.

Better paid than the man in charge
The PM, according to statements made by his office, earns 122,000kr a month before tax and without pension.

In comparison, the top public official in the country’s capital region earns 40,000kr more a month, reported Metroxpress.

Sounds Crazy
Pelle Dragsted, treasurer at Enhedslisten, expressed incredulity at the news.

“It’s a completely crazy development we see in public officials’ salaries,” he said.

Liselott Blixt, head of Folketingets Sundhedsudvalg, was similarly shocked.

“It sounds crazy that they get more than our prime minister. So apparently there is a difference between controlling a region or a whole country,” she stated.