Danes increasingly getting obese

The region Zealand leading the way with 16,8 percent obese citizens

New figures from the National Institute of Public Health show the number of obese Danes has almost tripled since 1987.

Every seventh Dane, or 14.1 percent of the population, has a body mass index (BMI) of over 30, which indicates moderate (30-35) to severe (35+) obesity.

The heaviest region
The ‘heaviest’ region is Zealand, where 16.8 percent of the citizens are obese, followed by North Jutland with 16.4 percent, South Denmark with 15.5 percent and Mid Jutland with 14.2 percent.

The Capital Region has the least obese people with 11.2 percent.

Brigitte Hansen, the head of the Danish Association for Obesity, has proposed  treating obesity as an chronic illness so that people will take it more seriously.

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