Denmark’s richest municipality getting fewer refugees thanks to au pairs from the Philippines

Distribution quotas are based on the total number of registered immigrants

Gentofte Municipality, which has the highest percentage of Denmark’s richest people, will receive fewer refugees than other municipalities because it already has so many au pairs from the Philippines and highly-skilled internationals, reports DR.

The distribution quotas for refugees coming to Denmark are based on the total number of immigrants registered in each municipality.

In Gentofte, there are 6,856 residents from non-EU countries registered in total, including 771 au pairs from the Philippines and many highly-skilled internationals.

Because of that, the municipality does not have to accept that many new refugees.

Less than Frederiksberg or Helsingør
In 2015, Gentofte has so far received 104 refugees, and next year it will take 177.

In contrast, Aalborg Municipality received 587 refugees, Aarhus got 515 and Odense accepted 334.

In the Capital Region, Frederiksberg Municipality received the most refugees (160), followed by Bornholm (144) and Helsingør (134).

According to a survey carried out by Cepos in 2014, some 7.5 percent of the residents in Gentofte Municipality belong to the top 1 percent of the wealthiest people in Denmark.