Hundreds imprisoned for door-to-door drugs deliveries

The ‘brown messenger’ has replaced the hash club

Never before have so many Danes been imprisoned for delivering cannabis or cocaine to someone’s door that was ordered over the phone.

In what has been described as a co-ordinated effort, the police registered 375 cases last year in which drug deliveries were arranged via a text message or phone call.

“We’ve had a national focus on the so-called ‘brown messengers’, the delivery of  drugs arranged over the phone, over the last couple of years,” Lisbeth Jessen, a deputy police inspector, told Metroxpress newspaper.

“We’ve seen a development where more people buy drugs similar to the way they order pizza. We typically see prepaid cards in these cases, which makes it harder to trace them.”

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Legalise it
The police said that the ‘brown messengers’ have replaced the many hash clubs that existed in most cities nationwide a few years ago.

Two political parties (Dansk Folkeparti and Socialdemokraterne) want to make it compulsory to show ID when purchasing a prepaid phone card, while Liberal Alliance said it wanted to legalise cannabis.