No half measures from Julemand this year

Danes are planning to spend more on Christmas presents than last year

Danes are expected to spend more on Christmas gifts this year – an increase on the 3,000 kroner they averaged last year.

Some 34 percent expects to spend at least 4,000 kroner on Christmas gifts, according to a survey carried out by price comparison site PriceRunner.

Zealanders, in particular, plan to spend a lot. Every second person plans to spend between 4,000 and 5,000 kroner.

Expensive gift cards
According to Martin Andersen, the head of PriceRunner, it is mostly men who wish to be more generous as 44 percent of them said they would spend about 5,000 kroner as opposed to 23 percent of women.

Women, on the other hand, are willing to spend more time picking the right gift: up to 10 hours. Men will spend an average of four to six hours.

The most popular presents this Christmas are going to be gift cards for entertainment or shopping, suggests PriceRunner.