Tropical hurricane could be gusting towards Denmark

Now it’s Kate’s turn to blow with gusto

Not even a week has passed since Storm Freja blew across Denmark knocking over trees in the process, but there’s possibly already another volatile weather system heading this way.

According to TV2, the tropical hurricane ‘Kate’, christened ‘Abigail’ in Britain, will pass north of Denmark over the weekend, but only just, meaning there could be some seriously gusty winds whipping across the nation.

Kate is currently on a rampage in the Atlantic Ocean a decent distance off the eastern coast of the US, quickly making its way towards northern Europe.

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25 percent chance
The colder waters and Arctic front is expected to ‘trap’ Kate and transform it from a hurricane into a quite powerful low pressure weather system that will impact on Danish weather as we enter next week.

Currently, most forecasters believe Kate will move across Scotland and the North Sea to either southern Norway or the Skagerrak Strait on Sunday or Monday.

There is currently a 25 percent chance of Kate causing a proper storm over Denmark on Monday, but it’s more likely the weather will present winds categorised as moderate gales.