Danish app could change how doctors and nurses work

MyMedCards digitalises the note cards doctors carry in their white coat

Most people have to wait until they are well into their career before hoping to shape their profession, but Sarah Bach Munkholm, a 26-year-old Danish medical student, has developed a tool that could change how doctors and nurses work, Metroxpress reports.

Munkholm was in clinical training at a hospital during the eighth semester of her medical degree at Aalborg University when she had the idea for the mobile app MyMedCards, which replaces the conventional cards with notes and information that doctors carry in their white coats.

“A young doctor stood by a patient with her pockets full of medical cards. Yet she still lacked the one she needed. She had to leave the patient and go back to the office to get the information she needed,” she said.

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Early success
MyMedCards compiles and organises the clinical guidelines, instructions and other information doctors need to have at hand when they see patients.

The app has been tested at the gastrointestinal unit at Aalborg University Hospital and Lars Vinter-Jensen, a consultant doctor, said that the staff had taken to it.

“It is time-saving and makes the workflow more effective,” he said. “We might well invest in it.”

After her final semester of study Munkholm plans to spend two years working on the app before completing her medical training.