As many nationalities as the UN, but more children

The international schools have once again been busy celebrating UN Day

Several international schools have recently celebrated cultural diversity and community in conjunction with the United Nations Day, which this year fell in late October.

Rygaards International School, Copenhagen International School (CIS) and Skt Josef’s International School all marked the day in their own distinct way.

p17bp17c(Photos by Rygaards International School)

UNOPS guest speakers

Rygaards organised a full week of activities, culminating in its annual UN Day event.

The school invited special guest speakers from UNOPS, who talked about the organisation’s development activities in Afghanistan and Haiti and compared the life of a child in Denmark with the lives of those in poor or war-torn regions of the world.

For the international students, the day was also an opportunity to work with students from parallel classes in the Danish department.

Together, they were asked to evaluate fictional applications from refugees looking for asylum in Denmark – an exercise that led to a heated debate about tough moral conundrums.

Meanwhile, younger pupils wrote wishes on paper doves and hung them on a peace tree.

Money for charity
Skt Josef’s in Roskilde organised a UN information week, which culminated in an open day for the public on Saturday November 7.

Younger children had the opportunity to learn more about the countries of their choice and prepared various presentations and performances, while senior students were involved in the overall organisation and helped with fundraising projects.

This year, Skt Josef’s decided to raise money for a non-profit organisation called ‘Reach for Change’, which aims to improve children’s lives through innovations.
And finally, CIS hosted its traditional Culture Day.

Students as well as their families were invited to explore topics connected to different cultures and to share meals from their home countries.