Majority in Parliament wants criminal asylum-seekers automatically sent home

Some 242 asylum-seekers were convicted of serious crimes in the period 2010-2013

A political majority is in agreement that asylum-seekers who are convicted of serious crimes should be sent home, Metroxpress reports.

In the period 2010-2013, a total of 242 asylum-seekers were convicted of serious crimes. Seven of these were for rape, 55 for burglary and 180 for assault, according to figures from the Justice Ministry

As things stand, criminal convictions are taken into account in asylum applications, but Peter Skaarup, Dansk Folkeparti’s parliamentary group leader, is of the opinion the application should be thrown out upon conviction.

“Far, far too many asylum-seekers are convicted of assault and rape,” he said

“When someone is convicted of a serious crime, then his or her asylum application should be discontinued straightaway and he or she should be immediately sent out of Denmark.”

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Might not always be possible
Trine Bramsen, Socialdemokraterne’s justice spokesperson, is in agreement, but notes it might not be possible in cases in which the individual comes from a country where there is a risk of torture and the death penalty.

“If you commit a serious crime, you have no reason to be in Denmark. So we would like to consider if the processing of the asylum application can be cut off straightaway so we can send them home,” she said.