Danish research: Quit Facebook and become happier

Satisfaction levels increased among those who dropped the social media platform for a week

A new Danish research project has revealed that dropping Facebook for a short period of time will not only make you happier, but also less stressed.

According to a report – ‘The Facebook Experiment’ (here in English) – from the Copenhagen-based Happiness Research Institute, people who quit Facebook for one week reported “considerably higher satisfaction levels”.

On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being the most satisfied), participants were asked to disclose how satisfied they were with their lives. For those who dropped Facebook, their satisfaction levels rose from 7.52 to 8.12 on average.

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Daily dose of FB
The participants who dropped Facebook contended that they felt happier, more determined, less lonely and could better concentrate compared to the group who continued to use Facebook.

Out of the 1,095 participants, 94 percent said they used Facebook on a daily basis and 80 percent said they used it for over 30 minutes per day.

The report did not reveal how dropping Facebook for a long period of time would affect a person.