Brøndby most violent municipality in Denmark

Police blame football-related violence for the ranking

According to new figures from the national statistics keeper Danmarks Statistik, the western Copenhagen suburb of Brøndby is the most violent municipality in Denmark per capita.

The figures revealed that there have been 3.9 reports of violence per 1,000 citizens so far this year in Brøndby, just ahead of Lolland Municipality (3.8) and Copenhagen Municipality (3.5).

“We have to admit that the football games at Brøndby Stadium lead to reports when fans walk to and from the matches,” Carsten Jansson, the deputy police inspector at Vestegnen’s Police, told Metroxpress newspaper.

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Naughtier Norddjus 
Esbjerg and Ishøj completed the top five, while Guldborgsund, Albertslund, Norddjus, Glostrup and Odense rounded up the top 10.

In particular, Norddjus made the biggest jump this year, documenting 116 reports of violence so far this year compared to just 54 during the same period last year.