Cycling in Copenhagen: 10 most dangerous intersections

The crossroads between Fredensgade and Blegdamsgade in Nørrebro tops the list

Over 300,000 Copenhageners use the bicycle as an important means of transportation to get to work or school every day.

Although Copenhagen Municipality is continually working hard to increase the safety of cyclists in the city, there are several locations where they should be more vigilant.

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The intersection of Fredensgade and Blegdamsgade in the Nørrebro district and the crossroads between Vesterbrogade and Rewentlovsgade in Vesterbro are some of the most dangerous junctions for cyclists to negotiate in Copenhagen, with eight and seven serious accidents in the past five years respectively.

Building new cycling paths
“Statistically you would have to cycle to work for 2,800 years before you get into a serious accident,” Morten Kabell, the deputy mayor for technical and environmental issues, told Metroxpress.

“But even one serious accident can be one too many and therefore we are constantly working on making it safer to cycle in Copenhagen.”

According to Kabell, the city is planning to invest up to 2 billion kroner over the next ten years into new ‘green’ cycling routes, allowing cyclists to avoid the busy roads with many cars, noise and air pollution.