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Car owners who don’t have their number plates secured face hefty fines

Last Sunday, the tax authority Skat implemented new regulations regarding number plates on cars. From now on, all number plates must be attached to cars by two screws. Those who don’t comply face being fined 1,000 kroner.

According to the national car owner association FDM, around one fifth of cars in Denmark still don’t have their number plates attached correctly.

The number plate legislation change came about as a result of a huge increase in number plate theft. In 2012, some 20,000 Danes experienced their number plates being stolen – three times as many as in 2006.

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Costly annoyance
Stolen plates are often used in criminal acts, such as petrol theft, burglary or other crimes.

Furthermore, victims of number plate theft also face having to park their car until new plates arrive from Skat, which they must fork out 1,180 kroner for.

Getting your number plate legally attached at an auto shop costs about 200 kroner, but you can also do it yourself for free. All you need is a drill, a marker, two screws and two caps in the same colour as the number plate.