Also at cinemas | Slumber Games back with a vengeance

Find some respite from the horrors with…Alien!

The final days of CPH:DOX were marred by the horrific events in Beirut and Paris, but nonetheless it was heartening so many films dealt with related subject matter such as refugees and the ongoing Orwellian ‘War On Terror’ via such compassionate and insightful works as Dream Of Europe, Homeland: Iraq Year Zero, Among The Believers and (T) Error.

It was another year of outstanding documentary works from around the world, surely affording DOX further importance among contemporary festivals. For a list of this year’s winners, check out

Cinemas are returning to business as usual this week with Truth, a political drama chronicling the events surrounding CBS’s controversial coverage during Bush Jr’s 2004 campaign for re-election. Reviews have been middling.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2, the final instalment of the juggernaut franchise, rolls onto screens this week with Jennifer Lawrence no doubt happy to hang up her bow for the last time. There’s an impressive cast, not least the final appearance from the late great Phillip Seymour Hoffman.

Also at cinemas is By the Sea, the intriguing new relationship drama from Hollywood’s premier power couple, Brangelina. Find out if it’s the Pitts in this week’s review.

In Cinemateket on Sunday at 14:15, there’s the Danish on a Sunday series (always with English subs) where they’re showing All Inclusive (2014) – a family drama about two sisters with polarised ideas about how to cheer up their lonely mother, who was recently left by their father. Tickets are 70-45 kroner and an extra 40 kroner will get you coffee and a pastry.

If you’d like respite from the real-life horrors playing on the news circuit, you couldn’t do better than seeking out Ridley Scott’s recut of his timeless 1979 monster classic Alien, which is screening at Cinemateket on Saturday at 21:45 and the following Wednesday at 21:30.

Alternatively you might try Jean Epstein’s 1928 silent adaptation of Edgar Allen Poe’s gothic tale The Fall of the House of Usher – which will be accompanied by live music at Huset on Wednesday at 19:30. Tickets are 60 kroner at the door. (MW)