Denmark tops EU in use of Europol database

Denmark accounts for nearly every fifth EIS search

With the EU justice opt-out referendum coming up on December 3, DR Nyheder has revealed that the Danish police access Europol’s criminal database Europol Information System (EIS) far more than their other EU colleagues.

On average, the Danish police accesses EIS 200 times every day – or ten times more than other EU member states. In fact Denmark accounts for nearly every fifth EIS search.

“I don’t know why other nations use the database less,” Henrik Emil Hörup, a deputy police inspector for the state police Rigspolitiet’s international department, told DR Nyheder.

“But we wouldn’t access the database if we didn’t think it could contribute to solving cases.”

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Avid users
Last year Denmark made over 71,000 searches on EIS. In comparison, the German police accessed the database 63,000 times, while the Netherlands and Sweden searched under 2,000 times each.

Police authorities can use the database to search for thousands of descriptions, dossiers and evidence against criminals operating across European borders.

“It can be relating to narcotics crime, travelling criminal groups, weapons or criminal masterminds when we make searches on EIS,” said Hörup.