KU aiming to better conditions for women in research

Just one out of every five researchers in Denmark are women

The University of Copenhagen (KU) is hosting an event on Friday which aims to focus on how universities can attract more female researchers and what is required to create an attractive working environment for both genders.

Just one out of every five researchers in Denmark are women, and many women are under the impression that having a leading position within research is a poor match for family life, compared to working in the private sector.

“We want to generate the best possible framework for women who dream of having a career within research,” said John Renner Hansen, the dean of the Faculty of Science at KU.

“They are a valuable resource that we don’t want to miss out on, so we are hosting the event on Friday to give us input into how we can better support women who want to take the next step in the career ladder.”

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Open to all
The event, Research, Gender and Career in Natural Sciences (here in English), will include key speakers from the US, the UK, Sweden and a number of top researchers from Denmark.

Entrance is free and the event, which will take place from 13:00-17:00, is open to the public.