Dental doldrums in Denmark: Bad teeth costs jobs

Social workers say that poor dental health can decide whether a dole recipient snags a job

Bad teeth can determine whether a person trying to get off social assistance and get a job will be offered employment. Hiring managers tend to shy away from job hunters with poor dental health.

Majbrit Berlau, the chairman of the Danish Association of Social Workers,  contends that many municipalities are failing to use the resources allotted to them. Barely half of the 142 million kroner set aside to help with the dental bills of those on social help is being used, she said.

“They cannot afford to get their teeth fixed,” Berlau told DR Nyheder.

“Their teeth begin to rot, the pain and smell increases, and they are ultimately not sent on interviews,” she said.

Berlau said that slow bureaucracy is preventing the funds from getting to those who need it.

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Rødovre is the best municipality in Denmark at using the money earmarked for dentists.