Electoral law prohibits the distribution of government EU pamphlets at polling stations

The official election pamphlet about the EU referendum falls under ‘rules of agitation’ at polling stations

An official government pamphlet about the referendum on the EU justice opt-out on 3 December has been removed from the citizen service centre in Rødovre. The service centre is to be used as a polling place during the vote.

The municipality was made aware that having that type of material at a polling station falls under the rules for agitation, although both the Justice Ministry and the Foreign Affairs Ministry – which created the pamphlet – said the material was created to be completely objective.

“We have been aware that the material must not be at a polling station, so we have removed it,” Erik Nielsen, the mayor of Rødovre, told DR Nyhder.

Catch 22
The rules were tightened in 2012, so that any material that may affect voters is banned at polling stations.

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According to the rules, the materials should not be visible where balloting takes place, and since many libraries and citizen centres are used as polling places, the material must be removed.

This has made things tricky, as the same service centres and libraries are obligated to disseminate information about elections to citizens.