At Cinemas: The fall of man, and the fall of a god

Mark Walker
November 26th, 2015

This article is more than 8 years old.

Suffragette and The Program head strong week at the flicks

Bridge of Spies

There’s currently a pre-Xmas rush for your ticket money, exploiting this window before Star Wars obliterates any and all competition in a couple of weeks. Distributors are tempting us with a handful of true-event dramas with some big names attached. Few directors can demand an audience like Steven Spielberg, who returns to screens with Bridge Of Spies, a Cold War drama set in 1962 starring Tom Hanks as an American lawyer defending a Russian spy. See this week’s review.

Also at cinemas is The Program by acclaimed British director Stephen Frears, who was immediately keen to secure the rights for Seven Deadly Sins: My Pursuit Of Lance Armstrong, a bestseller by Irish journalist David Walsh. This is a dramatisation of Walsh’s incessant digging that led to the public shaming of the cycling legend.

Sarah Gavron’s Suffragette chronicles the early fight for women’s rights in the UK amid increasingly brutal state tactics. The film boasts an impressive cast featuring Meryl Streep, Carey Mulligan, Brendan Gleeson and Helena Bonham Carter.

At Cinemateket this weekend you can catch the remaining screenings from a series of films featuring the formidable multi-lingual talents of actress Charlotte Rampling. Sidney Lumet’s courtroom drama The Verdict (Dommen) stars Rampling alongside Paul Newman and screens on Saturday at 17:00, followed on Sunday by Dick Richards’ adaptation of the Raymond Chandler classic Farewell My Lovely at 12:30. Robert Mitchum also stars as archetypal private eye Philip Marlowe.

For those who get more kicks from flying by the seat of their pants than sitting in a cinema, you might be interested to know that from Tuesday the 1st to the 5th, Cinemateket hosts DAFF – The Danish Adventure Film Festival, which features all manner of international films on and around the subject of extreme sports and the pursuit of adrenaline (see dfi.dk for details).

Finally, tonight (Thursday 26th) at Huset (see huset-kbh.dk) there’s a rare chance to see David Lynch’s mind-bending debut Eraserhead, which will be projected from a 35mm film print. It’s 50kr at the door and the film screens twice at 19:00 and 21:00.


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