“Disaster” for integration

DF decries increased funds for friskoler

Martin Henriksen, the immigration and integration spokesperson for Dansk Folkeparti, has told Politiko the government’s decision to increase subsidies for friskoler is a “disaster” for integration.

The 550 private schools – which cater to 110,000 pupils nationwide, some 17 percent of the school-going population – will see their subsidies rise from 71 to 73 percent.

Muslim friskoler concerns
Henriksen fears more Muslims will attend independent Muslim schools rather than go to public schools, which he believes is “the road to isolation and away from integration”.

The number of pupils attending Muslim friskoler rose from 3,800 in 2009 to 5,000 in 2014. Friskoler can choose to base their curriculum on any ideology of a religious, political or pedagogical nature.