Defence minister calls for more emergency centres

Refugees, terror, storms and flooding require better emergency preparedness

In the wake of the refugee crisis and Paris terror attack, the defence minister, Peter Christensen, has called for more emergency centres nationwide.

Christensen hopes the budget cuts for 2016 won’t impact on any of Denmark’s current centres.

“Today we face a reality in which our emergency centres and ability to tackle a number of challenges is more important than ever before,” said Christensen.

“The centres play an essential role in the refugee situation, but a robust preparedness is also important in connection with storms and flooding. And we need to account for the threat of terror in the wake of the terror attack in Paris.

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Bornholm trip
Christensen was in Bornholm yesterday visiting the emergency centre in Allinge and soldiers at the Almegårds barraks in Rønne.

Earlier this week, Christensen and the rest of the Nordic ministers discussed the emergency preparedness situation at the annual Haga ministerial meeting.